At his core, Josh Hailey is more than just an artist: he’s a multimedia visionary with the heart of an activist and the spirit of a performer. For well over a decade Josh has helped to anchor an entire artistic community in his home of Jackson, Mississippi, providing fertile spaces for creativity and collaboration to all.

In recent years, he’s expanded his gaze, looking outward to the fifty states for inspiration through his newest project: Photamerica, a visual exploration of the grand American patchwork through photography and video, incorporated into both traditional artwork and a mobile, multimedia installation.

This project works hand in hand with heARTalot, a philanthropic organization dedicated to the creation of communities of expression, of artistic growth and development, and the empowerment of the creative teachers and leaders of the future.

What both of these efforts share is Josh Hailey’s steadfast dedication to communal stewardship, to an artistry that connects humans to one another: whether through the revelations of shared heritage and experience or the unceasing search for shared expression and potential. Josh’s art has always been primarily about human beings, through intense study of the spaces and lifestyles they exhibit. 

Time and time again, Josh has been recognized for both his artistic excellence and his community involvement- now he seeks to expand these efforts to the national scale.