Telling stories in collage is one of our favorite art forms. Enjoy some of our art creations or send us your own imagery to turn into collage art formations. Reach out to us for more information.





  • If Josh Hailey could art his way out of a paper bag, he would, and then he’d turn it into more art.

    Benjamin Solovey, MFA University of Amsterdam
  • The Josh Hailey Studio was able to take the empty walls of our accounting firm’s office and turn them into various conversation pieces between us and our clients. The process was as joyful as it was easy; Josh showed up with a wide selection of prints. We selected what was best for our office, and the prints were framed and hung that day. I would highly recommend the Josh Hailey Studio.

    Cliff Stewart, CPA, Manager, Watkins, Ward and Stafford, PLLC
  • A true creative who pushes the boundaries of commonplace. Josh is a true creative with the duality of strategy.

    Ashley Porter, CEO, Porter Lyons Designs
  • Working with Josh is a breeze! He always exceeds my expectations. His work captures the moment beautifully, but more than that, it tells a story.

    Amanda Thompson, CEO, Frenchmen Street Productions
  • Josh is one of the most talented, creative visionaries of the 21st century. It wouldn't surprise me if in 20 years his name will be among the great artists of yesteryear like Peter Max and Andy Warhol. That reminds me...someone remind me to get his autograph the next time I see him!

    Richie Ladner, CEO, Creative Sign & Banner
  • Josh Hailey photographed my wedding, my pregnancies, my kids, and our new restaurant! He is like part of the family. His work is impeccable and he captures the moments you didn't even know existed.

    Aubin Wender, Owner, LA Smokehouse
  • Not only is Josh professional and punctual, he also takes a fun and energetic approach to his craft. He is not afraid to take chances to get the best photography for our clients.

    Don Hawkins, Creative Services Manager , Ramey Agency
  • Josh is like Faulkner with film and photography. He uses a wide range of methods and styles and captures moments that tell a story of your own.

    Traci Copeland
  • Josh is a really talented photographer who excels at finding beautiful angles and details in real situations. Also, because he's a really great person, he puts his subjects at ease. I've worked on several projects with him where we just let him go at it (without hovering over him) and got great images in return.

    Nicole Stowe, Creative Director, Ramey Agency
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, (Josh's) work is worth 10,000! Incredible eye! Incredible storytelling!

    Erin Finnegan – Creative Services Director WDSU/METV
  • Working with Josh was great. He made taking my clothes off feel really natural.

    George A. Brown – CEO Vino Wholesale
  • Josh Haley Studio has done a great job of understanding our business and how they can help us meet our goals.

    Paul Maczka, CEO Workplace Solutions
  • It has been a heartwarming experience to collaborate with Josh and his team. With our requests of demanding large scale projects, Josh has flawlessly collaborated and produced creative and unique art pieces that tell beautiful stories of our dynamic city. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

    Ariana O’Brein, Interior Designer, HRI properties